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Welcome to JGOODIN.COM. We are a fashion jewelry wholesale company that services a range of vertical markets worldwide. We thank you for your interest in our company and assure you that you’ve found one of the most reputable companies in the world serving this niche market.


Who Is Our Customer

As a vertically integrated business, we operate as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and drop-ship partner in various segments of the cubic zirconia fashion jewelry marketplace. You are visiting us at JGOODIN.COM – a channel dedicated to wholesale jewelry for retail boutiques, gift shops, drug stores, market merchants, and even independent entrepreneurs selling jewelry. JGOODIN.COM is our ecommerce wholesale site for small businesses and independent start-ups. We have the largest collection of made to stock costume and sterling silver jewelry ready to ship in our California warehouse and headquarters.

If you are a one to twenty person operation interested in selling jewelry direct to consumers, you’ve come to the right place. Our account executives are ready to help you start, grow, and maintain your fashion jewelry business. Our products are comprised from classical design to fashion-forward trends that appeal to young and old alike. Your small business is in good hands. We hope you give us the opportunity to add value to your business.


What We Sell

There are many products out in the marketplace to sell. The word accessories can mean watches, purses, jewelry such as fashion rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pendants, necklaces and brooches. And, wholesale jewelry can mean we offer cheap to luxury goods to businesses.

Our core business is mid-market fashion jewelry. Most of our goods wholesale from $3.50 to $50.00 and are meant to sell for triple to quadruple key. For instance if you purchased a cubic zirconia rhodium-plated ring from us at $5.00, you would be able to easily turn around and sell that ring in your store for $20.00. Certainly there are cheaper alternatives to our jewelry products. There are many competitors in the marketplace selling a similar look for less. However, the retail consumer is a quality conscious one. The products we carry are mainly the “look of real” jewelry, simply faux jewelry that looks like the high-end diamond and precious gold piece. In the process of vendor selection, you should really know what you’re actually getting. That is why we always encourage those just getting started in this business to place a sample order to verify the quality of the fashion jewelry goods they are ordering.


Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

At J GOODIN, CZ Fashion Jewelry Wholesalers, we are fully committed to our customers and product. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards in customer service and producing the highest quality product at the lowest price. Our company is unique because we both manufacture and design our fashion jewelry products. Our manufacturing enterprise alone employs over 3,000 people spread out over six different factories in China. Since we design and manufacture our products, it enables us to unceasingly strive to improve upon the quality of our product and the level of our customers’ satisfaction.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the fashion jewelry industry allows us to offer a service that individually suits the business needs of our customers. With a full understanding of import, wholesale, and distribution, we are able to assist our customers in expanding their business. Consequently, we are continually cultivating better business and relationships with our customers.

Our employees enjoy the environment and culture in which we operate. We offer a challenging and fun atmosphere with plenty of room for growth and development. We have been blessed with beautiful people from all walks of life who really love to serve our customers.

At J GOODIN we strongly believe in the fashion jewelry products we design and manufacture. We are confident that as you prosper, we prosper.

We are in a great position as a wholesale jewelry distributor because our core business is gold-plated brass jewelry and higher end white metal jewelry. We do use precious metals in our plating, but our costing hasn’t suffered too much inflation since our jewelry is surface-treated.

Our customer is set to benefit from the trend of retail behavior and people stray away from discount merchandise. We’ve stocked our shelves with the same quality wholesale jewelry people have come to expect from us. We have redoubled our efforts at the factory level to improve the standards of our workers so they are happy.


Fashion Rings Are Our Specialty!

We can proudly say that we have the largest selection of ready to ship cz fashion rings in the US market. We have nearly 1,000 styles of fashion rings styles in perpetual inventory. Our total design count is just under 2,000 styles. And yes – all of them are in stock and READY TO SHIP. Most of our competitors pulled out of the market this year by diminishing the number of styles they carry. Many of them took a lower inventory position. Some decided not to keep inventory at all – meaning jewelry resellers have to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery. What eventually happens is that end consumers are stiffed because the supply chain is totally virtual. If you want something, wait 8-10 weeks.

We make really really really good looking, good quality cz jewelry. You can certainly buy a cheaper product but your rings will look like they came out of a gum ball machine. We don’t shortchange the manufacturing process and we don’t cut corners.


How Do We Do Business

J. Goodin is a family business that started in 1985. We are founded on Christian principles as the founders, Laurance and Jenny Cheng, are believers. We believe that faith is the most important aspect of one’s life. We respect people coming from different faiths and ethics backgrounds and love and respect all.

We are committed to doing business with utmost integrity. We believe in serving our customers so that they may serve theirs. We believe in honest business practices. And we believe that human goodness is something profound and necessary in our world.

What differentiates us is basic attention to detail, a diligent pursuit of design, a relentless desire to make good quality, and our depth of knowledge and experience in fashion jewelry.

We design our own jewelry so we have lines that are exclusive. We make it ourselves so we can stand behind our brand even when our products are imported. And our leadership and dominance in distribution continues to this day. We are hands-down the most conscientious, knowledgeable, and professional company you can find in fashion jewelry today. Our demand for excellence is unparalleled for the simple reason that we are always pushing to deliver better.


How To Purchase Fashion Jewelry and Accessories From Us

If you are new to the business and are interested in learning more about how to start a jewelry business, please read our page “Want to Sell Jewelry?” You can also call us anytime and ask for a sales rep to consult with you. We’re not going to pressure you to buy from us. In fact, we suggest that you spend a lot of time doing research on the market that you want to serve. Make sure you get behind a product that you believe in and do business with a company that is committed to working for you.

Please browse our website for our entire line of stock products. JGOODIN.COM is a fully functional shopping cart with over 2,000 wholesale jewelry items ready to ship. We use SSL technology and are PCI PACB compliant. Your information is very sensitive to us and we deploy the highest security protocols to protect you.

You can also place an order over the phone by calling 1-800-397-6821 and pressing option 2 to speak with a sales representative. They are waiting to help, consult, guide, and serve you 



Are you thinking about having your own jewelry designs manufactured? Rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, you name it! Follow this link to know more about our jewelry manufacturing services.


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