Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing

Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing Services

ICON Jewelry Factory in China

Are you Interested in getting custom-made fashion jewelry made for your business? Perhaps, just a different flair on existing JGI styles or even better pricing for some of your best-sellers? We can help.

We operate a family-owned factory in Dong Guan, China and are joint venture partners in two other factories. Each of our factories specialize in a different fashion jewelry product line, giving us expertise across many different types of product. Over 1,000 workers are diligently working to serve as your supply chain.

We buy our own silver and brass casting grains. We employ the polishers, stone setters, assembly line, and emphasize QA at each point in production. We control each process with extensive and time proven manufacturing rules. We tirelessly scrutinize our product so that your customers receive something not just good but GREAT.

With over 35 years of industry-leading manufacturing experience we are confident that we can deliver high-quality fashion jewelry and competitive factory-direct prices. Whether you're looking for factory direct pricing on existing J GoodIn items or a new development, we are here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to serve you with the best quality and price.

Common Questions:

What are the minimum orders?
Due to the wide variety of customizations & individual business needs, please give us a call so we may assist you with all your options.

Can J Goodin make a sample for my design?
Absolutely. We would love to help you with your custom jewelry designs / samples. Please give us a call!

How long does delivery take?
Typically between 6-8 weeks.

Can my items be exclusive?
Yes. We provide private label manufacturing to ensure styles stay exclusive, as they should be.

* Since manufacturing orders are custom, our regular return policy does not apply. We do not accept any returns on custom/manufacturing orders unless the items are defective.  Please contact us for more information.