About Us

We are a group of highly motivated and energetic people passionate about fashion jewelry design and craftsmanship committed to delivering a great product.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service, opportunity, and reliability by building strong relationships, providing tools for success, and maintaining consistent inventory so that people are empowered to succeed.

Our Core Values Are

Optimistic Team Culture
Being Efficient & Effective
Being Goal Driven

We are an enduring pioneer in the fashion jewelry industry. While we value tradition, we also seek innovation, adapt to change, design voraciously, manufacture fervently, deliver consistently, succeed mutually, stand behind our brand, and grow with you. But we started small.

First Things First

There is no extravagant story about how J GOODIN was started. The truth is that we have humble beginnings. The first thing we want to share is that J GOODIN is a company owned and operated by God. Yes – we are a family owned organization founded on Christian faith. We love everyone regardless of belief. We want to share that we work for a God who loves relentlessly and has redeemed us in mercy and grace through Christ. This ideology of grace sits at the core of who we are as a company.

A Brief History

Jenny and Laurance Cheng started this family-owned company in a garage in Temple City, California. At the time, both worked jobs that paid less than minimum wage. To make ends meet, Laurance did filigree polishing in the garage late into the night and sold it at the swap-meets on the weekend. “I still remember waking up at 3am some Saturday mornings to set up at the Pasadena Rose Bowl,” said Laurance. He also spent many sleepless nights polishing as many little filigree charms as he could. When asked why he didn’t sleep, he replied saying, “Anything is possible in America as long as you’re willing to work hard.”

Hard work kick started their business and moved them into an 80 sq. ft. retail/wholesale space in a downtown wholesale mart along 4th Street in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

It was a pink building. They had 2 counters displaying Laurance’s filigree polished charms. Spools of nugget chain by the inch lined the tops of those counters.

Jenny and Laurance worked 6-7 days a week between their Downtown Los Angeles shop and swap-meets. Some family in Taiwan caught wind of J GOODIN and one of their relatives happened to be in the ring business. Laurence added his entire line of rings to the counters and started attending trade shows with rings as a headline.

By 1990, J GOODIN grew into a showroom at the California Mart (known today as “The Mart”) in Downtown. Jenny would take appointments in the 800 sq. ft. showroom while Laurance traveled the country selling at trade shows. At 5’5 and no more than 145 pounds, he could get some 6 heavy 80-lb cartons of fashion jewelry from the showroom, to the airport, out of baggage claim, and into the exhibit hall. He scoffs at us today because we use trucking companies to ship show freight. It’s still amazing to see how he managed to set up with his own two hands and sell in broken English.

In 1995, J GOODIN exited The Mart and moved into a 2300 sq. ft. warehouse in South El Monte, in the east side of Los Angeles. By this time, both Jenny and Laurance were traveling two weeks out of the month at shows scattered across the United States. Fortunately, they found good help along the way, some of whom are still with us today.

In 1998, they purchased two commercial lots down the street. It was a house that they converted into an office / warehouse. There was even a swimming pool in the backyard.

The company quickly expanded in the wholesale jewelry space, adding a merchandiser and warehouse workers and in 2003, Steve Noh, our VP of business development, came on board. In 2005, Linda Chu, our COO, came on board. These two and several more that came after effected a lot of change and growth.

Present Day

Since then, we have been blessed with 30 more people across California. Our company-owned factory in China, ICON Jewellery, has roughly 150 workers and growing. We have joint venture partnerships with two other factories that have over 400 workers. We experienced 40-50% year-over-year growth from 2003 – 2009. We hit some snags in 2010, but the lights are still on and the future is bright. Our fashion jewelry trade show presence continues to expand around the world. The jewelry dropship program has grown exponentially since its start in 2008. J GOODIN INC. has grown to be one of the largest and most recognized manufacturers and distributors of fashion jewelry today.

Service and Quality

We have a design team in California and China. We have an experienced sales and support staff in California. We have a seasoned back-office warehouse in Orange County. We have our own fashion jewelry factory to produce our designs. So we are very confident in our collective product.

We Care About

Quality, Service, Commitment, Price

What We Strive to Be

Best in quality of good.
Best in customer service.
Best in commitment to customer success.
Best in price per value.

We are the largest wholesale manufacturer in fashion jewelry today. God brought us here and He will lead us forward.