Jewelry Trade Show Tips

June 05, 2017

After years of attending fashion jewelry trade shows, our team has determined that there is a formula for having a fulfilling trade show experience. Whatever trade show you attend, there will be various vendors with products available for your store. There’s also the temptation of getting a little something for you. Follow our trade show tips and have the best show season ever!



1. Comfortable clothing and footwear is very important. Remember you are going to be running around all day.

2. Eat Breakfast: Eat a wholesome meal to give yourself some energy throughout the day.

3. Pace Yourself. Try not to run around and see everything all at once. Take it one booth at a time.

4. Notetaking supplies and Map: Circle around once to briefly browse the exhibits and make a note of the boothes you really want to see. Once you have circled your exhibits of interest, simply relocate them on your map and shop til ya drop.

5. Calculator: Bring a calculator to help you compute your potential purchases and discounts booths may offer you. This saves you and the sales rep a lot of time.

6. A general idea of what you want to purchase can really reduce the amount of time you spend from booth to booth. Take some catalog clippings, or color and texture samples of the fashion jewelry products you have in mind.

7. Stay Hydrated. These shows can get intense so we recommend you drink plenty of water and stay fed.

8. You Did It! You survived another trade show.

9. See you there!